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The Sisters in the City: Valentine’s Day Date Night Dressing

Hi Philly Fabb readers!  We are Corbynn and Allison from the blog, The Sisters in the City.   With Valentine’s Day this week, we thought we would show you a few of our date night strategies.

The blonde:  I’m Corbynn.  My look puts a fun, flirtatious spin on the little black dress.   If you are going on a first (ish) date, going out with a friend, or just looking for a new outfit approach, this look is perfect for you.   The hyper feminine details in the shoes, sunnies, and clutch make this outfit perfect for such a flirty holiday.


IMG_0468 IMG_0516Corbynn’s look:  dress: Impressions / sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / clutch: love this one / shoes: T.J. Maxx (love these)

The brunette:  I’m Allison.  This look was all about feeling sexy and confident while still staying classy.  We all want to feel super confident on a date, whether we are going with our hot significant other or on a first date with that cute guy from work.  But, there is a fine balance to this dressing sexy thing.  One rule I like to use is to keep one part of the outfit more modest and conservative.  For instance, this dress is curve hugging and on the short side but  has sleeves and is high in the front and back.  Or, if you have your heart set on a dress that is bare in the back, look for higher necklines and longer hemlines to keep things sophisticated.  I also paired it with a neutral shoe and fun bright coat to keep it vampy but not trampy.  Ultimately, you have to find the shape and cut of dress that looks and feels good on you.  If you feel confident in what you’re wearing that feeling will be contagious to your special someone.

-1 -5 -6

Allison’s look: Dress: H&M (loving this one and this one) / shoes: BCBG via T.J. Maxx (similar) / clutch: Express (similar) / coat: Kohls (similar) / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

And there you have it.  We hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day!  Don’t forget to check out our blog at for more style and beauty tips!

xoxo The Sisters in the City

A huge thank you to Philly FABB members, Allison and Corbynn from The Sisters in the City for giving us some super stylish tips for dressing on this romantic holiday!


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